What if your home had a brain and could think for you.  
Imagine the possibilities. 

You come home and before you open the door, the lights turn on, the home security is un-armed, your favorite music starts to play and the climate thermostat kicks in to just the right temperature for the season.  The shades open or close depending on the time of day and the pool lights turn on/off and invite you in for a nice, relaxing swim. 

This is a “smart home” and with system integration technology, this is easily possible.  And it’s as simple as using your mobile phone.  Infact, your iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone device can be the control engine for your home.  All it takes is a tap of a touch-screen icon to tell your home exactly what you want. 

Integrate, a highly respected audio/video dealer and installer, in the Los Angeles area can make this your reality.    Integrate makes Home Automation approachable and affordable.  Whether you want a simple system that integrates your televisions and your music together or an advanced system that make the Jetsons look like the Flinstones, Integrate can help you.